Very Real Time has been happening in various forms, mostly in Cape Town, South Africa, since 2003. The main objective is to try and set up suitable conditions for meaningful exchange between artists working in a contemporary and global context through the funding of residencies, forums and artists’ projects. For exchange to be meaningful as well as ongoing, the intimate and interpersonal dimension becomes a central component to the project’s content. Visiting artists live in the homes of local artists and in this way quickly become implicated the networks and interpersonal dynamics of the city. Projects, generally of an ephemeral and performative nature, develop from this collaborative dimension. In this way the project has nourished personal relationships and artistic exchanges between local and visiting artists, which remain active to this day.

Previous residents include : Bridget Baker (SA) James Beckett (SA, The Netherlands), Milena Bonilla (Colombia, NL), Kianoosh Motallebi (NL, UK), Claire Harvey (UK, NL), Leonid Tsvetkov (US, NL), Michael Blum (Austria), Jo O’ Connor (SA), Cinthia Marcelle (Brazil), Thembinkosi Goniwe (SA), Jean Meeran (SA), Jimmy Robert (France), Mieke Van de Voort (NL), Sung Hwan Kim (Korea), Conrado Tostado and Jeannine Diego Medina (Mexico) and Ed Young (South Africa).

The project is organised by Gregg Smith, with support from : Artscollaboratory, Hivos, Stigting Doen, The Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, The Mondriaan Foundation and the The National Arts Council of South Africa.


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