Discussion at Zink, 18 April 2012

The visiting artists are all back home by now. Claire extended her stay by a week and returned to Amsterdam last night. Milena, Kianoosh and Leonid flew back on the 20th of April.  I have been thinking a lot about the last week of the residency and the ideas that came together out of the discussion held at Zink, on wednesday the 18th. I think everyone was quite relieved and uplifted after that discussion because it allowed things to be articulated in a clear way which had until then being vague existential questions and doubts about life in this city and about the dynamics of being a visitor or host here. I have begun transcribing that and will post some of that soon. In the meantime I read this morning and essay in the Sunday Times by Jeremy Cronin, which provides a useful backdrop:


Gregg Smith

View of Table Mountain from The farm, Military Road, Thamboerskloof.

Leonid, Claire, Ludwig, André.

Ludwig Gericke and André.

Ray, Milena, Claire, Cindy and Ludwig.

Kianoosh, Trasi, Milena, Cindy, Ludwig and Claire.

John Nankin, Roger van Wyk.

The discussion inside Zink.


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